The Guardian

Interviewed by Symeon Brown for the Guardian (in print and online) Swanzy alongside Poet Belinda Zhawi, Film maker Shola Amoo and Artist Barka i. See below for response...

"I dont like to label myself, I just am." That was my first reply when being categorised as a Black Romantic. When you have picked apart all the labels thrust upon you over time, the last thing you want to do is take on a new one. It's limiting defining yourself in one way. I was also asked if I put blackness at the centre of my work. The answer was yes, as well as womanhood and the many other facets of my being. Personally when I see blackness romanticised, the gaze is often macho/patriachal and almost never LGBQT. I am not here to police anyone. I've got my voice and I claim my space. That is the main mission when doing youth/community projects. It is not about going along with what I say or do, it's about finding YOUR voice and deciding what YOU are going to do, before we even get to talking about WE.