photography : thai hibbert for khanga kimono 2015.

KHANGA (also kanga)  | Kiswahili for a lightweight East African pure cotton cloth. Always rectangular  in shape, usually with a border all around it. Known for their bold designs and the messages inscribed.


KHANGA KIMONO launched in 2015 as a result of SWANZY spending some much needed down-time in East Africa with the Tanzanian side of her family. While there, it was impossible for khangas to not be part of everyday life.

The bright prints are only one half of why khanga's are so popular. Each khanga design has its own majina (name) or the methali (proverbs) at the bottom of each cloth. It is for this reason khanga's are usually given as gifts and depending on the meaning or context of the message - khanga's either stregthen or destroy a relationship.


KHANGA KIMONO aims to celebrate the genius of this traditional staple. All our khanga's are carefully selected in Zanzibar. The kimono's are handsewn in both London, UK as well as Dar Es Salaam, TZ. Supporting local dressmakers and marking the start of our long term community initiatives.



photo courtesy of the safari junkie 2016.